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It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what paint colour you would like to use for your painting project. The options are endless when it comes to paint, and the little sample chip you get from the store just doesn't cut it anymore. Thankfully there are some wonderful app's out there that can help make your decision a little easier. Here are three of our top favourite app's to help you decide what colour to use for your next project.

Dulux Visualizer

Dulux Visualizer is so cool because you can hold the screen up to see your room and then click on the different colours and it will change the colour on your screen so that you can see what your room would look like. You are able to save and share your results, that way you can compare the options with your family and friends, to come up with the best result. If you have a pillow or blanket that you would like to use as the inspiration for your room, simply show it on the screen and the app will tell you the Dulux shades that match it best. When you have decided which colour you would like, you are able to order a tester right from the app that will be delivered to your house.

Project Color

The Home Depot has a wonderful app that also allows you to see the paint colours in your actual room. One great thing about this app is that because The Home Depot sells paint from a variety of companies, it provides you the opportunity to have a larger scale of colours. Once you have chosen your colour you can order it from the app which is a convenient feature!


Color Snap is brought to you by Sherwin Williams. This app allows you to match any colour from a photo to a Sherwin Williams paint colour. It also allows you to browse all the paint colours and once you have chosen one you think you may like you can view it in a sample room. The app provides coordinating colours and paint information. You are able to save and share your favourite colour palates so you don't forget what you worked on.

Hopefully these apps will help make your decision a little easier. We would love to see some examples of rooms you used to test out paint colours with any of the apps!

‚ÄčAs always Great North Painting would love to help you with your next painting project.

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