Interior Residential

Our professional painters have the experience and expertise to bring to life your ideas for your home, no matter what your project scope is. When we come to your home you can expect:

Set-up - Furniture will be moved to the centre of the room and covered for their protection. All the floors will be protected with drop cloths. 

Prepare - Based on the state of the area to be painted any holes or cranks will be filled, stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded. 

Paint - Our expert painters will take the time to prime any areas that need it. Quality paint will then be applied uniformly with crisp cut lines and smooth surfaces. 

Clean - All materials are removed. Furniture is moved back to their original location. Floors are vacuumed and swept.

Inspect - After the job is completed our inspector will come and ensure that your expectations are met and you are completely satisfied with our work!

The key to successful exterior finishes is the preparation. We take the time to ensure that your exterior is properly prepared with the correct applications before we start. We will fill cracks, remove loose paint and pressure wash when necessary. Once we have cleaned properly your house will be ready for a fresh coat of paint which will give it a beautiful updated look! 

Exterior Residential

Great North Painting carries full Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance Coverage. 

We provide a variety of commercial painting services including: large volume spray painting and industrial floor coatings for parking garages and industrial units.