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Exterior Trim Stain Match
Match the stain of the existing door.
We stained the additional posts
On this project an addition was added to the kitchen island to include a breakfast bar. We stained the additional posts to match the rest of counter cabinets so that no one will ever know it wasn't there to begin with.
great north painting_blog_bathroom cupboards
Front Door Spray
Great North Painting - We Sprayed this Front Door.
Window Sprayed
Great North Painting - We sprayed this window black.
Before & After Garage Door + Trim
Great North Painting painted both the Garage Door + Trim.
Front Porch + Railing
Great North Painting refinished the Front Porch + Railing with a solid stain.
Painted New Smartboard Trim
Great North Painting Painted the Newly installed Smart board Trim on this condo building.
Refinished Porch
Great North Painting refinished this porch with a semi solid stain.
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